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The Skills Workshop at Sense of Community

Empowering Skills, Building Self-Sufficiency for Iraqi Refugees

Step into the vibrant heart of the Skills Workshop at Sense of Community. Here, amidst the focused determination and the camaraderie of participants, a story of resilience unfolds. Iraqi refugees with a wealth of skills and experience find a space to hone their talents, learn new trades, and pave the path to self-sufficiency.

Preserving Skills, Building New Dreams:

War and displacement often disrupt lives and sever connections to professional opportunities. The Skills Workshop at Sense of Community provides a platform for Iraqi refugees to revive their existing skills, be it carpentry, metalwork, or any other valuable trade. This not only helps them maintain a vital link to their professional identities but also allows them to contribute their expertise to their new communities.

More Than Just Skills: A Path to Empowerment:

The Skills Workshop is more than just a place to learn and practice a trade. It’s a space where participants can build confidence, develop their entrepreneurial spirit, and chart a course for a brighter future. Our dedicated staff offers training in business planning, marketing strategies, and even basic financial literacy. This empowers participants to take control of their economic futures and support themselves and their families.

Invest for Good, Make a Difference:

We invite you to consider partnering with Sense of Community. By supporting the Skills Workshop, you’re investing in the potential of these talented individuals. This can involve:

  • Donating Tools and Materials: Contribute essential tools and materials needed for workshops, allowing them to practice and refine their skills.
  • Providing Mentorship: Share your professional expertise by mentoring the participants, offering guidance and support in starting their own ventures.
  • Connecting with Businesses: Help bridge the gap between the participants’ skills and local job markets by connecting them with businesses seeking skilled craftspeople.

The Impact You Make:

Your support directly benefits the participants in the program. It empowers them to secure jobs, start their own businesses, and contribute meaningfully to the local economy.

Join the Story:

Become a part of their journey!

  • Donate: Help us continue offering essential training and resources through financial contributions.
  • Spread the Word: Share our story and encourage others to get involved, either through volunteering or donations.
  • Volunteer Your Time: Do you have expertise in business development or marketing? Volunteer your time to empower these talented individuals with valuable skills.

Together, we can build a brighter future where skills are honed, hope takes root, and Iraqi refugees become architects of their own success.